Missy Elliott

The Process

I was given 4 days to complete this unique bust of Missy Elliott for her video “Why I Still Love You”. I was a scared at first, but the more we talked about it, the more I thought “I want to do this”. The only perimeters I was given: “just do Missy Elliott”. I started with a plaster bust of Michaelangelo’s David and used air-dry clay to sculpt an ageless representation of Missy Elliott based on years of photos and videos.

Tracksuits & Gold Paint

After 2 days of sculpting, I had her form down and sanded the surface to create her contours. To complete the look, I draped the bust in a tracksuit from Walmart. To me, the tracksuit epitomizes Missy Elliot. I also included her trademark hoop earrings and lashes (Sally Beauty Supply purchases). And finally, it wouldn’t be Missy if it wasn’t painted gold.

The video

I’m so proud of the sculpture I created for Missy Elliott’s “Why I Still Love You” music video. You never know what’s coming down the road. When you get an opportunity like this, you better grab it.