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Phone: 404.550.6098

Artist’s Bio

Karen Adams was born in Athens, GA. Her earliest art began with receiving a large chalkboard with colored chalk at age 4; taking art classes at The Children’s Museum in Nashville (inspired and repulsed by the exhibit of shrunken heads); and being introduced to Picasso’s works by a teacher at 11. Karen received her BFA and MFA from the University of Georgia. She also studied at Montana State in Bozeman and in Cortona, Italy. She now lives in Roswell, GA.

The human figure is the inspiration for Karen’s work. For most of her life, she worked as a two-dimensional artist using oils, graphite, ink, charcoal and watercolor. Five years ago, driven by the desire to present the figure in a different medium, she began to sculpt in clay. Karen’s learning curve was quick, the work evolving into striking presentations of the male and female form. In one key series, the figures are inspired by the sea. These days she is sculpting more than painting, with the sculptures frequently being clay and mixed- media in a variety of sizes.