Chastain Arts Center Spring Show and Sale, May 15 – June 12, 2015

                                   The annual Spring Art Show and Sale is here again, a delightful show. In this spring’s exhibition, I am showing my recently completed oil on canvas, ‘Maritime Secrets Revealed”. The exhibition features paintings, drawings, and mixed-media two dimensional works, that range from realism, still-life, plein-air,

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How to be an Artist’s Model #2: the Female Perspective from Annie J.

Last month I interviewed Michael O., for his insight on being an artist’s model.  Yesterday, I spoke with model Annie J. to get the female perspective. Annie is much sought after in the various artist ateliers and venues in Atlanta. She models at Chastain Art Center, Atlanta Artist Center, Spruill Arts Center, Roswell Visual Arts Center, privately for many area artists, and is

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Portrait of Gracie and Stephen #1

How to paint a portrait of a couple in watercolor and ink

Painting a portrait of two people is fun and challenging. Gracie and Stephen are the ideal couple to sit for a portrait. They are young adults whose easy-going, joie de vivre personalities are exciting to capture in a painting. It goes without saying that you really want to capture a reasonably accurate likeness of your subjects. I always begin the underlying structure in pencil; it’s the most critical

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Michael in a long, standing pose

How to be an Artist’s Model: Interview with Michael O.

As an artist, I’m often asked questions about the men and women who are depicted in my paintings and drawings. People want to know what it’s like to be a model. Posing can range in length from a minute to several hours. Gesture poses are usually 1-5 minutes. Mid-range drawings are typically 40 minutes to an hour, and the model breaks

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How to Make a Snowman Look Like a Roman Statue

The snow that fell early this morning in Atlanta Georgia was pretty, but there wasn’t really enough accumulation to make a snowman. In Jan 2011, we had 4-5 inches of snow that lasted for days. Inspiration came over me, and I made a snowman…er, ‘snow torso of a man’, on our diving board. I love the Greco-Roman sculptures that have survived the

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CELEBRATING CORTONA Images Inspired by Italy

 The Decatur ArtHouse 619 E College Ave, Suite E Decatur, Georgia 30030 Opening reception: Saturday, February 21, 5-7 pm.  All of the selected artists have participated as students or taught in the University of Georgia’s Cortona Studies Abroad program. Our artwork reflects the influence of the ancient and beautiful village of Cortona, Italy. I  have two paintings in the show: one

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Trilogy Art Show: Jan 16 * Feb 6 * Mar 6

TRILOGY ART SHOW AT Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art    Red Door Art Gallery & Studio has introduced an art-community-building event that doubles as a fundraiser for the children’s art program at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art.  Defining features of the Trilogy Art Show include three themes (Body, Mind and Soul); spans over three months (January 16, February 6 and March

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Hal Schlotzhauer painting

Montana Artist, MSU Professor, Harold Schlotzhauer

                        In 1980-81, I temporarily left the University of Georgia and participated in the National Student Exchange Program at Montana State University in Bozeman. I wasn’t the only newcomer to the Big Sky state, Hal Schlotzhauer had also recently arrived from California to join the painting faculty at MSU. I

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How to create a great front door: A Different Kind of Painting, September 2014

The old front door bothered me before we purchased the house last year; it was sun-faded brown, drafty and I couldn’t wait to replace it. The new door was selected and the installers put it in. After  several hours of research on color combinations, glossy versus matte, and DIY youtube videos on faux-finishes, I went to the paint store. I love color

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Art Rocks Athens: Retrospective of art of the period of 1975-85, May 23 – July 17, 2014

Athens, Georgia is well known for its vibrant music scene. What is less known, however, is that artists from the era of of 1975-85 gave rise to the music, and then their music went on to influence the art. I returned to my birthplace of Athens, Georgia as a UGA freshman in 1978. The B-52’s had already become known as the

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