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How to paint a portrait of a couple in watercolor and ink 9/24/15

Painting a portrait of two people is fun and challenging. Gracie and Stephen are the ideal couple to sit for a portrait. They are young adults whose easy-going, joie de vivre personalities are exciting to capture in a painting. It goes without saying that you really want to capture a reasonably accurate likeness of your subjects. I always begin the underlying structure in pencil; it’s the most critical…

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How to be an Artist’s Model: Interview with Michael O. 3/5/15

As an artist, I’m often asked questions about the men and women who are depicted in my paintings and drawings. People want to know what it’s like to be a model. Posing can range in length from a minute to several hours. Gesture poses are usually 1-5 minutes. Mid-range drawings are typically 40 minutes to an hour, and the model breaks…

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